QAR Strategies: “In your Head” Questioning

In Your Head questions require students to move beyond the text and make inferences, predictions, connections, etc.  Once students are able to identify and answer this type of question, then we will be ready to talk more about this strategy.  Just like with In the Book Questions, In Your Head Questions fall into two categories: On My Own and Author and MeOn My Own questions cannot be answered by simply recalling the text which means that students must use their own ideas and experiences to answer the question (Who can name a time when you felt like Spoon?).  Author & Me questions also force us to move beyond the text; however, students must think about the text to see how multiple parts fit together in order to answer (How should Spoon feel about himself and why?).  In Your Head questions are more challenging to answer (and to create!), as we have moved up Bloom’s Taxonomy; therefore, clues should be modeled via think alouds to facilitate this process as you read.

Below is a link to the text referenced in this series.



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