Slice of Life: My One Little Word for 2015

My One Word

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Two Writing Teachers 

Since developing The Curriculum Corner PLN, I have had the opportunity to connect (and in some cases reconnect) with many amazing educators on Facebook, Twitter & WordPress.  One blog in particular, Two Writing Teachers, is a page I visit (and “like”) regularly.  During the Christmas holiday, I took the opportunity to read Anna Gratz Cockerille’s post on choosing “One Little Word” to guide and focus us throughout 2015.  After spending an evening prepping my new writer’s notebook, I thought I would christen it with a list of terms…and here’s what I came up with:

One Little Word 2015

Obviously, I needed to focus on one term, so without further a due, my OLW for 2015 is…ADVOCACY!

“Advocacy” is a broad concept that can take many forms (as any OLW should); therefore, my hope is to act as an advocate by focusing my energy through 3 lenses: ideological, best-interest & self advocacy.  Keep reading to see what I have to share, and as you do consider some of the other words that made the list.  Certainly they will play an important role as I focus on advocacy, but hopefully that’s not cheating!

Ideological Advocacy – One priority that I have set for myself as an administrator in a new building is to help everyone I work with understand the research behind our programs & protocol.  From Writer’s Workshop to Schoolwide PBIS I will advocate for the practices that we utilize (and that I believe in) so everyone will come to understand that what we are doing with/for our students goes beyond any one grade level, teacher or administrator!


Best-Interest Advocacy – Our district serves a diverse SES population, which presents many interesting challenges for us as educators.  There are students we serve who may not come from homes where parents (or grandparents, aunts, guardians, etc.) are in a position to advocate for the best interests of their  child.  This may be because of time, knowledge or many other reasons, and this is where I promise to shine!  Whether it is stepping in personally to advocate for a student or by providing the tools (and understanding) for parents to do so, this will be a guiding factor as I play a role in ensuring that all students achieve behavioral and academic success in 2015!


Self Advocacy – Here’s the part of our story where the main character faces his internal struggle!  As an educator my passion for what I do runs deep.  It goes beyond just being a job and is truly a “calling.”  There is no profession that is more challenging, more important and…more rewarding!  Those of us who call ourselves educators know this all too well, and often do what we do at the expense of family time.  This is something that I am keenly aware of during late nights, missed pick-ups or stressful weekends when it is difficult to see beyond what needs to be accomplished professionally.  Throughout 2015 I vow to advocate (albeit internally) for a balance between the educator, father & husband.  After all, it is no secret that finding this balance is what makes us the best we can be at all facets of our lives!

family love quotes

As I focus on advocacy throughout 2015, I will need to ensure I communicate with clarity and maintain a sense of levity as I work with colleagues; show endurance and resilience as I assist students; and set boundaries to find a balance and rhythm between the educator, father & husband.


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4 responses to “Slice of Life: My One Little Word for 2015

  1. Richards, Karen

    Dear Rich,
    Advocacy is not just a journey for 2015 but a lifetime! I been on that path for “a few years “ now.
    My best to you in your journey!


    • Rich Taibi

      You are so right! It all comes down do being resilient; to our ability to regroup when things become challenging. I know we’re both up for it though!

  2. I’m so glad you tagged this with twtblog. I just happened upon this post in the wordpress reader. It definitely resonates. I love the simplicity of choosing one little word, and it goes well with the idea of bite-sized practices. Something I have to remember as I put together PD for others. And your word rings dear to my heart.

    • Rich Taibi

      Thanks so much for the follow…and I’m glad you enjoyed the post! Currently I’m working on a piece on reflective practice. My summer writing goal is to focus on “retelling” skills (a current student need in my building). I will definitely check out your pages…looking forward to it!

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