On our PLT’s & Feedback

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Part of the inspiration behind the #BullockES Grade Level PLT (Professional Learning Teams) initiative is a text I am currently reading by Daniel R. Venables. In the opening chapters he stresses the important role that feedback plays in helping us grow as educators. This isn’t something new; however, he goes on to state that the most POWERFUL feedback doesn’t necessarily come from an administrator or an isolated PD experience. Instead, he places the most value on peer observations & the resulting feedback…and this is something that has become the centerpiece of our PLT investigations!

By making this a part of our team meetings, we are able to “expedite the process of revising lessons & other teacher work” by drilling deeper into our practices. Will we always agree? NO, but that is OK! As long as we trust one another and remember that feedback isn’t about you, it’s about the work, our culture will be one in which feedback is expected and appreciated, rather than something negative and threatening. In fact, Venables goes so far as to say that by “not offering feedback, [we are being] DISRESPECTFUL to one another, as if to say that a teacher’s work isn’t important enough to think deeply about and offer suggestions” (mind BLOWN!).

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