On helping students to self-regulate


I recently had the opportunity to attend a fantastic workshop by Kelvin Oliver of Leaving the Village , and to turnkey what I learned with my fellow administrators.  Throughout the day of PD, we discussed the role that Schoolwide PBS, SEL/Mindfulness & Restorative Justice play in moving away from “traditional” discipline, to creating behavioral supports (and consequences) that are nuanced and meaningful. After all, why would we gravitate towards “standardized” discipline when we loathe “standardized” instruction/assessments!

Most importantly, Oliver challenges us to remember that addressing behaviors through this type of approach starts with OUR mindset! It starts with the relationships we build with our students & their families. It starts with the consistency in which we implement layers of behavioral supports within our classrooms. It starts with our ability to reflect on each situation and provide meaningful, logical consequences.

Click here to watch a brief video with Oliver as he provides an example of OUR role in addressing behaviors & click here to check-out my presentation…and don’t forget to share what communication, consistency and meaningful consequences look like in your classroom!



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2 responses to “On helping students to self-regulate

  1. DES

    Communication, consistency and meaningful consequences are key in the classroom.

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